Route 3 Printing in Greenwood

We print garments for our clients and customers both locally and across Canada. Route 3 clothing is designed and printed by us in our Studio which is located in Downtown Greenwood, BC

Route 3 Opens!

About Our Brand

We are a Mom and Pop shop located in Downtown Greenwood, B.C. We opened our store after moving here from Saskatchewan and realized there was a need for what we do.

Our Logo is focused around Highway 3, one of the most picturesque routes in Southern B.C. Also known as The Crowsnest Highway.

We are always looking for the newest, freshest styles that are available. We test every product ourselves before offering it to our clients and customers to ensure our confidence that you are receiving the best products available.

If you find yourself on Route 3, then please stop and see the "Smallest City in Canada". take a strole through Downtown, and take a step back in time, when life was slower, and more relaxed, and oh yeah, stop in and say Hi, we LOVE to visit and meet new people.